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Known Issues Backlog

   • Teleport/Route information not displaying on non-English sites
   • Need to translate new items
   • BLOG/NEWS link needs to get link pointer on mouse over
   • Certain items with apostrophes in the fields cause links to break (eg: Voile-de-mana French Fish)
   • Get a custom 403 page and 404 page
   • Dashboard recently updated nodes 404'ingFix Personal Nodes to match new json formatAdd Node Type to JSONLink up item page to clocks and alertsAdd a Triple Triad button to filter by Triple TriadSome browsers are caching php responses and desynching the clockAutomatic cache invalidation when items list (or possibly javscript files) is/(are) updatedNodes are sometimes showing active when they should notIn page alert only works if it isn't active already (if user doesn't close then it won't alert again)Global alert only works 1 times

   • Add items also tracked
   • Add header text to different node consolidation pages
   • Add a submit translation link to items missing translations
   • Add translations for site functions
   • Translate a few remaining gathering items that don't map into central item db 
   • A small popup window like the older version would be better than the whole screen turning red like its DEFCON-1 and alerting my whole office that I'm farming nodes from my cube during the day. =)
   • Add a loading spinner on page start since loading for the first time or after clearing cache takes a while
   • Add real time node spawn to timersTranslate items and nodes pagesConsolidate www and root domainAdd slot to popup notificationProvide submit a node/correction links within the table directlyName of the tab doesn't match current selected time format (always 24 hour time)Doesn't work in firefoxA way to hide the disqus panelShrink alarm options/bottom banner OR make it collapsable?Shrink box views on nodes or make it hideable (users saying boxes are too big)User reports that personal node submit/cancel buttons are not displayed on certain resolutions
   • Move favorite set storage to database so they can be saved server side
   • Display TP/GP gain based on remaining time
   • Order node items by slot (http://fr.ffxivclock.com/node/Coupe-Fauche/Unspoiled/Mor%20Dhona/35#/)
   • Fix mobile view? (Seems to work on Android, need to investigate more)Display popular statsAdd zones and teleport pagesAdd other language supportAdd links to item pagesConsolidate www and root domain:15 :45 :minute alarm timesDisqus panel can't scroll down all the way, and expand discussion button is blocked by the bottom controlsIn-page popups aren't automatically closing anymoreRefactor out itemCategoriesMove 24-hour/AMPM Toggle closer to the clockInput validation on personal node so it doesn't break the tableSee remaining time on active nodeMoved clock to top left and re-position layout

   • FF Alarm Noises - chocobo kweh, level up, tell sounds, etc.
   • Possibly group items by nodes in the future
   • Fix a loading error that happens when a slow connection fails to load the alert panel
   • If a personal node is added to the page, and then time format changes, sometimes it corrupts the data in the tableFix bug with null rows failing to find a function on clickAdd alarm settings to local storage so they persistCaiman in Dravania actually ends at 8:30 PM in game, not 8:00.The Heavensward unspoiled nodes only last for 55 mins, not 60Resynch clock after global alertPrevent users from saving favorite sets and then changing format, nodes display in wrong time formatSpeed up AM/PM 24-hour toggleAdd Eorzean time for node pop in the box viewFavorite Node SetsApply common styles to Contact Us Page