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This site is a fan site made by Hanayaka and Syragon of OmenLS on Fenrir in Final Fantasy XI. We originally started playing Final Fantasy XIV before A Realm Reborn, but unfortunately the game didn't interest us like FFXI did. When the FFXIV:ARR relaunch occured, Hanayaka spent some time playing as Locke Lamora on Siren. However, real life caught up and Locke had to stop playing. This site is a pet project of Hanayaka and Syragon to learn new technologies and practice their (lack of) sys admin skills.

The page was originally written with php and html/javascript. We decided to learn AngularJS in version 2, but did a very poor implementation. It was extremely difficult to maintain, and was not flexible at all. Hana started working on side apps for FFXIV, such as a FATE Tracker when FATEs were the best way to level up. That project ran into some issues, as outlined in a recent email to a fan below. Version 3 of the site is also written in PHP/AngularJS, with a tiny bit of JQuery. Our implementation is more robust and way easier to work with, so hopefully future updates and add-ons will go smoothly. We're always looking to make new tools to hone our skills and help fellow gamers, so if you have any ideas just shoot us an email.

Email to a fan about the FATE Alert tool:
The FATE alert code is built in .NET and it basically attaches to the FFXIV process and scans memory for strings containing the FATE name strings. The main issues we ran into were that the server does not update the client unless the client has its map open. Therefore, the only way to detect if a FATE started was to make sure the user always had the map open.
Additionally, the FATE names kept bouncing around in memory, so we had to do wide scans across the entire memory range constantly to keep looking for new deposits of FATE names. Our tool hasn't been updated in 1-2 years, so things may have changed since then.
If you're still interested in the half-functioning code, I can send relevant snippets if you would like to see them. However, unless the game has changed, I don't think the tool is of much use as it sometimes lags behind on the alerts (if the strings bounce around in memory). Additionally, I can't promise any security in terms of account bans; SquareEnix doesn't like external tools that read game memory, and strictly ban anybody caught modifying game memory. This tool does not modify/write to memory in any way, but if SquareEnix decided it was cheating to read memory, they may issue account bans.